Jameson Black Barrel Irish Wolfhound Cocktail Recipe

5th July 2017

We’re continuing our Irish Whiskey Cocktail Series by sharing some of our favourite Summer Whiskey cocktails.

The Jameson Black Barrel Irish Wolfhound


50ml Jameson Black Barrel
50ml Ginger Beer
25ml Freshly-Squeezed Pink or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
1/2 slice of Grapefruit
1 x twist of Grapefruit Peel
Smoked Salt


Mix the ice, whiskey, ginger beer and juice in a glass.

Dip a corner of the grapefruit slice in the smoked salt and drop into the drink.

Garnish with the grapefruit peel.

You can apply salt to the rim of the glass as well if you prefer!