Published: 11th March 2024

Introducing Gold Spot The Generations Edition

A celebration of two generational wine companies coming together to bring a splash of colour to the world of whiskey.

The latest addition to the Gold Spot’s series is a thirteen-year aged whiskey, once again championing the use of wine casks in whiskey, transcending tradition, and demonstrating the harmonisation of heritage and innovation.

The extraordinary expression marries Gold Spot’s established use of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, with a unique maturation in Valpolicella Riciotto Italian wine casks for 16 months. This final maturation elevates Gold Spot’s subtle spice notes, with the red wine adding layers of dark fruits, berry compote and creating a softly textured sweetness, finishing with a touch of oak and sweet wine. This special whiskey, the perfect balance between Irish whiskey and Italian wine, celebrates the exceptional story of seven generations of the Mitchell family, guardians of Spot Whiskey and one of Ireland’s premier wine families.

The Mitchell family’s whiskey bonding journey began in the 1800s when empty wine and fortified wine casks were sent to the local Jameson Distillery in Bow Street to be filled with new single pot still spirit for maturation in its underground cellars. Once filled, these casks were adorned with a daub or ‘spot’ of coloured paint, signalling the age of the whiskey within and inspiring the cherished name of this coveted bonded and bottled whiskey.

In further celebration of generational winemaking, this expression is matured in Italian wine casks from Valpolicella Classica, selected from the Secondo Marco winery, a company founded by Marco Speri whose passion stems from the oenological heritage of his family, who have worked the soils of Valpolicella for seven generations to produce world-class wines. Secondo Marco’s casks, sourced from Fumane in the heart of Valpolicella Classica winemaking region, infuse this Gold Spot expression with distinctive floral, spicy and wine-driven notes. A 17-month maturation period creates layers of complexity that enhance Gold Spot’s more traditional, fruit-flavoured profile. With both families boasting generations of expertise, Gold Spot The Generations Editions pays tribute to a long line of dedication to both wine and whiskey across two families and pays homage to their legacy.

Tastings Notes

Red apples and dark fleshy fruits at first, accompanied by fragrant blossom notes with sweet and woody undertones. Spices of clove and light dustings of nutmeg along with subtle hints of almond slowly come to the fore, complementing the fruits.

Luscious and sweet with generous servings of red berry compote, toffee apple and raisin. The wine seasoned casks and oak continue to impart delicate tannins, working in tandem with the pot still spices and fruits, while the sweetness adds further intricate flavours, balancing this wonderfully intriguing whiskey.

Lingering finish which sees the oak slowly fading, allowing the sweet wine and pot still spices to have the last word.

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