What's the Difference?

Whiskeys & Whiskies: Meet the cousins

Yes, it’s true. There are other members of the whiskey family out there in the world besides Irish. Here’s a handy summary for you to print out and keep.

Type of Whiskey Irish Scotch American
Country of Origin Ireland Scotland USA
Grain Malted & unmalted barley & maize Mated barley maize & wheat Corn (maize), barley, wheat & rye
Distillations 3 (although there are a couple of exceptions to this) 2 1 or 2
Style of Whiskey Production pot still & grain whiskey Malt whiskey & grain whiskey Mixed cereal/grain whiskeys
Stills Used Pot still & column still Pot still & column still Column still & pot still
Maturation 3 years minimum 3 years minimum 2 years minimum
Barrels Seasoned bourbon, sherry & port Seasoned bourbon, sherry & port New charred American oak barrels
Colour Varies on style Varies on style Darker
Aroma Floral/fruity/vanilla Smokey/peaty/fruit Sharp/sweet/wood/vanilla
Taste Roundness, creamy, fruit/spice Smokey/dry/fruit Sharp/wood/bitter/vanilla