Published: 16th November 2022

Celebrate Robin Redbreast Day


Chris O’Dowd and Redbreast go birdwatching to celebrate the 2nd year of Robin Redbreast Day on November 17th in support of BirdLife International.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey is celebrating the second year of Robin Redbreast Day, an annual global date in the calendar designed to raise awareness and donations for charity partner BirdLife International, and its joint mission to protect the common birds.

Chris ODowd Redbreast

Back once again to help our feathered friends is A-list actor and Redbreast fan Chris O’Dowd who has teamed up with Redbreast and their iconic mascot, Robin, to star in another witty birdwatching video to entertain and inspire viewers. For every share and like the video receives (on Redbreast Irish Whiskey and Chris O’Dowd’s social channels), a donation will be made to the global conservation charity BirdLife International who use the funds for their vital work in species and habitat protection, advocacy and conservation.

Redbreast Irish Whiskey has a longstanding commitment to bird conservation, and over the years the whiskey has focused on ways to give back to well-known yet vulnerable species who have come under increasing pressure. BirdLife’s recent State of the World Birds 2022 report, revealed that nearly half of all bird species are in trouble and one in eight are sadly heading towards extinction.

This year, Robin and Chris are on a mission to get people involved in the whiskey’s ongoing ambition to keep the common birds common. This follows the success of last year, when the brand raised €100,000 on Robin Redbreast Day, adding to a running total of €130,000 raised through Project Wingman by the end of 2021.

Robin Redbreast Day

Chris O’Dowd commented: ‘It has been a pleasure to team up with Redbreast Irish Whiskey and Robin to speak up for the birds and celebrate Robin Redbreast Day. I feel this year we’ve raised the bar, or more so the branch, in how we draw more people into the cause. I’m proud of how it all turned out, but even more proud that I did all my own stunt work; I wish I could say the same for Robin.”

Billy Leighton, Master Blender, Irish Distillers commented: ‘We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with BirdLife International for another year to continue our joint mission to protect common birds worldwide. Following last year’s success, it’s great to have Chris back to help us spread awareness of Robin Redbreast Day and the common birds in an entertaining and uplifting way.”

Redbreast Day

To raise additional funds for BirdLife International, Redbreast Irish Whiskey is also celebrating another festive season with the launch of the third edition of its 12-year-old bird feeder bottle. The world’s most awarded single pot still Irish whiskey features an intricately designed bird feeder with a beautiful red copper finish – the perfect gift for whiskey lovers to keep their garden visitors fed during the winter months. The limited-edition bottle will be available via the Redbreast website and on shelves in select markets from November 14th.

Patricia Zurita, CEO, BirdLife International, commented: “Robin Redbreast Day has become an important annual day for our organisation, and with so many birds around the globe threatened, it’s vital now more than ever that we get people talking about and supporting the birds we all love! We’re delighted to see Redbreast’s initiatives return for another year, including the third edition of the bird feeder bottle and the partnership with Chris O’Dowd. These wonderful fundraising activities are taking place as we celebrate an incredible 100 years of bird conservation at BirdLife International, making Redbreast’s support of our charity all the more meaningful.”

Redbreast Irish Whiskey is on a mission to raise up to €100,000 for charity partner BirdLife International, through its Robin Redbreast Day initiatives. Up to €70,000 will be raised through the sales of the limited edition bird feeder bottle, and up to €30,000 will be raised from the Robin Redbreast Day campaign donation mechanic.

To learn more about Robin Redbreast Day and the partnership between Redbreast Irish Whiskey and BirdLife International, please visit or

Redbreast Day 22


Redbreast 12 Birdfeeder Bottle


It’s back, brighter and bolder than ever, with a striking red copper finish that’s sure to bring all the birds to the yard. Not only can you help feed your local birds in the tough winter months but proceeds from every bottle sold goes toward BirdLife International, and their critical efforts to reverse the worrying trends in the global bird population.


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