Friends, Dogs & Whiskey at the Jeggy Nettle

2nd June 2020

This week, Powers Irish Whiskey teamed up with The Jeggy Nettle and artist Danni Simpson, to create a striking new piece of art for Belfast.

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Centred around a “Friends, Dogs & Whiskey” quote, the mural celebrates the familiar personality and identity of the Jeggy Nettle, plus the new Powers bottle, which is due for release soon.



The Jeggy Nettle is nestled in one of Belfast’s coolest neighbourhoods and is owned by publican Janine Kane, who is behind some of Belfast’s most beloved bars, including The Spaniard, Muriels, Pablos, Panama and most recently, The Chester.  Whilst the Spaniard specialises in Rum, Muriel’s in Gin, Pablo’s in Tequila and Mezcal, The Jeggy is all about Whiskey.



Sarah Harvey, Powers Brand Manager NI said;

“Janine is one of Northern Ireland’s most respected and innovative publicans and she wanted to create a completely bespoke piece of art that encapsulated the ethos of the Jeggy Nettle; a warm neighbourhood bar in the heart of Stranmillis that celebrates friends, dogs and whiskey. 

“It was a perfect fit with Powers Whiskey, a brand that has always encouraged innovation, from becoming one of Ireland’s first distilleries to bottle their own whiskey to inventing the miniature bottle – the ‘Baby Powers.  This mural provided an opportunity to showcase the new Powers bottle.”



Janine Kane commented;

“I’m delighted with the mural and to have my own dogs Mr Mac and Mr Bowie featuring in the design.  Powers were brilliant to work with; they understood what I was trying to do and were receptive to creating something bold, unique and eye-catching.  We have collaborated on a couple of projects, so it was the ideal brand to work with”.



It was Australian artist Danni Simpson who turned the vision into reality.

“I was tasked with the job of designing and painting a mural that captured the personality of the Powers Whiskey brand, with the feel of the The Jeggy Nettle pub.”



“I took a few elements of the Powers brand – their whiskey bottle, glass and barrel – and infused it with the natural flow of Nettle. At the centre of everything is “Friends, Dogs & Whiskey”, which is framed by two familiar dogs in the bar, alongside the iconic Powers red diamonds.



“Using aerosol paint on the pebble dashed wall, I kept to a simple colour palette that tied the brand to the venue and popped from the leafy, busy and beautiful Stranmillis Road setting.”



Whilst we can’t meet up with friends and share a whiskey right now, this mural gives us something to look forward to. When normality returns, grab your dog, meet us in The Jeggy Nettle and have a glass with us.



There might even be a very special whiskey to enjoy.

Watch this space.

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Powers X Jeggy Nettle – Artist in Progress

Ft. Danni Simpson

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