A visit to the Irish Whiskey Academy 5/5

18th July 2017

This is the 5th in the 5 part series by Stuart Irvine telling us all about his trip to The Irish Whiskey Academy.


Thinking back over the whole trip to the Irish Whiskey Academy what stood out for me was the aura that seems to surround Midleton distillery.

No matter where you are everyone seems to know everyone on a first name basis and you get a sense that even though the whiskey is being produced on a large scale, this is still very much run like a family business.

This ties in perfectly with everything that was spoken about during our time with Carol Quinn and how Powers whiskey invested heavily in it’s people which in turn created a sense of true pride towards the whiskey they were producing. 

This, in my opinion, is exactly what makes the whiskey coming out of Midleton, and more specifically Powers, the quality that it is.  Each and every person involved in the whiskey making process has that pride in the job they do.

Thinking about this makes me feel very reassured to know that, as we see Irish Whiskey as a category growing at the rapid rate it is, Midleton distillery is there to serve as an example to other distilleries of how to achieve everything they hope for.

Powers Irish Whiskey has an almost unparalleled history and we are now starting to see Midleton harness that rich history and turn it into a range of quality whiskeys that will soon have many people realising that this is a brand of whiskey that can sit amongst any in the world.

Lastly I would just like to touch upon what I feel this whole experience meant to Frankie, Alex and Conor from Bullitt Hotel in Belfast.

I’ve no doubt that before this trip they were all well versed in most spirits, including whiskey, but as a result of this trip I also have no doubt that they now understand everything it takes to make great Irish whiskey.

They can now appreciate the time and effort it takes to bring everything together to make that bottle of Powers whiskey that they serve to customers and appreciate the delicate flavours and nuances that exist in every bottle of Powers. I believe this knowledge will greatly help them create unique and balanced whiskey cocktails in the future.

But, maybe most important of all, they can now also appreciate the history and pride that exists throughout the entire Powers range and this can, in turn, allow them to pass this knowledge on and, furthermore, allow the great story of Powers Irish Whiskey to be passed on for many more years to come.

Words by Stuart Irvine aka Whisky Belfast.