The Dirty Onion’s Boilermaker Menu Vol. 2

7th April 2017

Whiskey & Beer – what’s not to love?


We checked out The Dirty Onion’s Boilermaker Menu Vol. 2. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Tim at The Dirty Onion loves his Beer nearly as much as he loves his Whiskey, so we were so excited to try Vol. 2 of their Boilermaker Menu.

For those of you new to the world of Boilermakers, this whiskey and beer pairing was popularised by 19th Century steelworkers in Philadelphia, traditionally taken as a whiskey shot, chased with a beer. The Dirty Onion want you sit and savour their carefully picked combinations.

Here’s a few of our favourites.

Powers Gold Label & Tidefall: A well balanced local lager with a classic Irish whiskey. The biscuity, malty flavours from Tidefall pair up nicely with notes of clove and toasted oak from Powers.

Redbreast Lustau & Chieftain IPA: Redbreast Lustau is matured in bourbon and sherry casks and finished an additional year in hand-selected Spanish oak barrels seasoned with Lustau Oloroso sherry. This brings notes of red fruit, prunes and marzipan, with a creamy mouthfeel. Chieftain is a medium bodied, hoppy IPA with a light bitterness. The whiskey has a long finish and the Chieftain embraces this sensation on the palate.

Yellow Spot & Galway Bay Milk Chocolate Stout: This stout is one of our favourites. It has a very subtle sweetness to it that complements the malt and coffee flavours of the stout. Yellow Spot was a natural choice for us as it has it’s own coffee flavours to match. Matured in 3 different types of casks, bourbon barrels, sherry butts and malaga casks bringing a sweeter flavour to this excellent pot still whiskey.

Jameson Blender’s Dog & Beavertown Neck Oil IPA: Jameson have introduced their new ‘Whiskey Maker Series’ with 3 new whiskeys, and this is one of our new favourites. Head Blender Billy Leighton has created a superbly balanced, complex whiskey with an infusion of flavours and aromas. Light tropical fruits on the nose, and a sweet butterscotch taste with charred oak and pot still creaminess. All those flavours going on, but we kept it simple with the beer. Neck Oil is an easy drinking, punchy IPA, brewed with pale base malts to keep it crisp and dry hops to keep it easy.

Powers Three Swallow & Beavertown Lupuloid: Firstly the beer, no messing about with this one. This beer is awesome. It’s got big flavours, tropical aroma’s and it’s hoppy as hell. Coming in at a whopping 6.7% it’s not to be underestimated but we must say it is superbly balanced considering the strength. Now the whiskey. Powers have introduced an equally well balanced pot still whiskey with Three Swallow. This whiskey is primarily aged in American ex-bourbon barrels and married with a small sherry- aged component-the flavours on the palate include banana and juicy tropical fruits.

We really recommend heading to The Dirty Onion to try out their pairings. Well done to Tim and the team.