Irish Whiskey Cocktail Series #2

20th December 2016

We’ve got two more fantastic Irish Whiskey cocktails for you to try at home…


The second instalment of our Irish Whiskey Cocktail Series features two more of Bullit Hotel Bar Manager Michael Patterson’s  favourite Irish Whiskey cocktails…



One of the most famous classic whiskey cocktails – and for good reason – a Whiskey Sour is a deliciously sweet and sour drink with a zesty, refreshing flavour.

Think eggs are just for breakfast? Think again. The addition of egg white to this cocktail binds the ingredients together, creating a smoother texture and mouthfeel.


50ml Jameson Caskmates
25ml lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup
1 egg white
Garnish: lemon twist


Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and quick shake without ice. Add ice to the shaker and shake again. Fine strain into a small wine or sherry glass. Serve with a lemon twist.





This luxurious dessert cocktail is rich and creamy.

Jameson 12 Year Old’s dark fruit flavours stand up with the Pimento Dram (a type of All Spice) and Sherry. Egg yolk creates a rich, velvety, smooth texture that makes this cocktail drink like a dream.


50ml Jameson 12
20ml PX Sherry
5ml Pimento Dram
15ml double cream
1 egg yolk
5ml sugar syrup
Garnish: nutmeg shavings


Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake without ice. Add ice and shake a second time. Strain and serve into a port glass. Garnish with some grated nutmeg and serve.