10 Minutes with Joe Magowan, Irish Whiskey Ambassador

30th September 2016

10 Minutes with Joe Magowan, Irish Whiskey Ambassador

Sinead Doyle gets the low down on the world of Irish Whiskey with Irish Whiskey Ambassador Joe Magowan.

When you first saw that Dillon Bass was searching for a new Irish Whiskey Ambassador, what were your first thoughts?

My first thought was “I have to get this job!”. I had wanted to find a job which specialised in whiskey for some time and this seemed perfect for me. I immediately began planning my application.

You beat off stiff competition to get the job – how does it feel to have been appointed?

I honestly couldn’t be happier. It really is a fantastic job and a tremendous opportunity for me.

How have you been spending your first couple of weeks?

The first few days were spent being introduced to the team I’ll be working with. Following that I’ve been out and about visiting bars and off-licences meeting people and doing what I love (talking about whiskey). I also got the opportunity to visit the New Midleton Distillery in Cork for some training, which was very exciting and incredible experience.

What’s a typical day as an Irish Whiskey Ambassador like, then? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

So far it seems like there really isn’t a typical day! It’s an exciting prospect to have a job that means you get to meet lots of different people. My role will involve conducting tastings, interacting with consumers and people from the hospitality industry, looking for ways to promote Irish whiskey.

Describe your new job in three words.

Share, engage, influence.

What’s your favourite Whiskey, and if you can’t narrow it down to one, which whiskey are you enjoying most at the moment?

There are so many fantastic whiskeys out there it’s impossible to choose a favourite. However if I were to pick a favourite style I’d say pot still whiskies. I love the unique, rich, complex flavours and creamy mouth feel.

For World Whiskey Day, how will you be enjoying your Whiskey and can you share any suggested serves with us to enjoy tomorrow?

Generally I take my whiskey neat but lately I’ve been making cocktails too. My favourite cocktail is an Old Fashioned but I’ve recently started enjoying Manhattans too. I think one of the best things about whiskey is that there are so many ways it can be enjoyed. It’s a really flexible drink.

Whiskey aside, what are your passions?

Aside from whiskey my main passion is for photography. I spent a lot of my spare time taking pictures and updating my photo blog. I also love collecting records.

Thanks to Sinead Doyle at MCE Public Relations for the article.